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SFlux How many times you can't realize what application you need to perform a particular operation on your documents? Or you just don't know what kind of operations you can perform on your files? That's where S-Flux come in.
Starting from one or more documents (images, movies, musics, texts, whatever) S-Flux check applications installed on your system to gather informations about them and will show you a comprehensive and organized list of what operations you can make on your documents.

But that's not enough. Using S-Flux you can also actually perform the operations you are looking at. Not only, you can also link operations together making pipelining extremely easy.

Maybe you can think to S-Flux as an intelligent universal graphical user interface for all kinds of applications.


S-Flux is a cross-platform application that means it works on most modern operating systems. It has been tested on Windows XP, Mac OS X, Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu Linux.

Try it!

S-Flux is free software so you can freely download it, modify it and redestribuite it. Try it and let me know your impressions!

I suggest you to read the "About S-Flux" section and to get a look at some screenshots or video int the example section.

Developed by Christian Barbato e-mail: christian (dot) barbato (at) gmail.com